Developing IT-education: Promprylad.Renovation starts cooperation with Beetroot Academy - Promprylad. Renovation

Developing IT-education: Promprylad.Renovation starts cooperation with Beetroot Academy

The Swedish-Ukrainian IT school Beetroot Academy enters into a strategic partnership with the Promprylad.Renovation project. This partnership will create new opportunities in the digital industry, in particular, a school of new IT professions for unlocking and developing the regional talents in the digital industry.



Promprylad.Renovation houses collaborations with partners which work out and establish the whole ecosystem for development of digital and creative industries, namely coworking, Makerspace for prototyping, school of new professions, incubators, and accelerators. The innovative environment combines the world’s best educational methods and practices, mentoring, support and creative approaches to gaining new knowledge.

“The partnership with Beetroot Academy will provide an opportunity to expand the range of educational programs, to improve, implement, test new competencies and IT professions, including the education of the younger generation and retraining of the adults one according to the needs of the labor market” – notes Tetiana Vasylyk, Partner Relations Coordinator of the Promprylad.Renovation project.

Beetroot Academy already has a wide network of IT schools in different regions of the country. In turn, Promprylad.Renovation possesses an innovative space and a united community to make training as effective and accessible as possible for different groups of the population. Joining forces will kickstart the development of education in new professions, create a new educational environment, facilitate innovative entrepreneurship and improve the investment climate.

*For reference. Beetroot Academy is a Swedish-Ukrainian socially-oriented IT school that aims to help people build successful careers in the digital economy. Its mission is to open for Ukrainians new opportunities to get an education of the international level for a fraction of the cost, to raise the level of competence in the modern global digital economy. And this is a real push for social and economic development and has a positive effect on society. Beetroot Academy started its activities in 2014 and already has 14 schools across Ukraine, more than 200 partners, 3200 graduates, 70% of whom are employed in IT. Outside Ukraine, Beetroot Academy has successfully expanded its education to two countries, namely Sweden and Kosovo, which is the first step towards a global plan of goal scaling.