Residents - Promprylad. Renovation


Residents of Promprylad. Renovation is a harmonious ecosystem built on the interaction between all functions.
The pilot floor is a model of what the innovation center will look like in the future. There are both commercial and development functions. This neighborhood already illustrates the importance and effectiveness of interaction in the triangle “community – business – government”.
The number of residents will grow in parallel with the development of the project.


resident organizations and companies

Warm City/Teple Misto

Warm City is a platform for initiatives and synergies between them. It has been operating in Ivano-Frankivsk since 2014. The mission is to be an innovative platform for creating opportunities and social transformations, to encourage change in Ukraine and abroad by the example of Ivano-Frankivsk.


MetaLab Urban Laboratory This is both a community united by the interest in the life of the city and the desire to discover and improve the city environment, and the physical platform for communication, urban studies, and events. This unique educational platform, together with Prombar, becomes the location for holding lectures. 


Coworking of Promprylad.Renovation center is a convenient space for individual residents and teams open 24/7. Coworking offers work spaces in a bright room with mobile furniture, lockers for personal belongings, kitchen, sunbeds, and meeting rooms in the Promprylad.Renovation innovation center.


Mixstyle Dance School

Ivano-Frankivsk branch of one of the first modern dance studios in Ukraine. The dance school is two modern industrial-style dance halls decorated with mirrors and equipment. Offers classes in modern dance for adults and children.


Educational experimental shop Dribnota It is an educational space in which children learn what they do not learn in school: teamwork, critical thinking, the ability to analyze and ask questions, research and create. The educational center has a part-time kindergarten with preparation for school, a creative studio, an architectural school and an entrepreneurship course for children. In a modern two-level space with panoramic windows and walls on which you can paint, learn easily and interestingly.


Roboclub IF is a safe educational environment for the development of creative children's personalities. Here children learn to design and program robots, as well as learn about the professions of the future. In addition, Roboclub is a free platform for young, creative teachers of information technology. This makes for IT professionals possible to work as mentors, and children over 12 to gain first-hand technical knowledge. The Roboclub team aims to create an effective learning environment for all children so that everyone has the opportunity to gain useful and interesting knowledge in the field of IT. In this way, the team realizes its social mission.


Gallery Detector

Detector Gallery of Contemporary Art · Presents current art projects designed to influence qualitative social and cultural change. · Shows and presents new names in the Ukrainian artistic environment. · Researches current national and global topics, cooperates with institutions, artists of Ivano-Frankivsk, other Ukrainian cities and intends to cooperate with foreign artists. · Aims to promote a better understanding of art by the audience through exhibition activities in curatorial and authorial accompaniment, excursions, events. · Has the task to form in Ivano-Frankivsk a circle of connoisseurs and collectors of contemporary art. · Has a vocation to inspire the emergence of art critics, researchers, critics, curators, art dealers and develop the art market. In their activities, the gallery provokes the process of thinking and analysis of the environment. The gallery team supports innovation, encourages dialogue, and calls for openness and mutual respect.

Multimedia Lab

Multimedia lab - production studio of industrial equipment. It produces digital audio-visual content for business - video, photos, 2D and 3D animation. AR content, including AR filters for Instagram In addition, the studio organizes educational events and gives the opportunity to develop their talents to gifted students by giving them technical capabilities and mentoring support. The studio was created with the funding of the Renaissance Foundation and provides monthly equipment equivalent to rent for UAH 10,000. for the manufacture of social advertising.


Office of Promprylad.Renovatsiya LLC and Office of Promprylad.Renovatsia team to work with partners and investors Management heart of the Promprylad project. Renovation - office of the operational team.


Art coworking

Art coworking is a space for educational projects in the field of visual arts, as well as a physical space in which artists, masters and craftswomen can create and work. The main residents are Yarema Stetsyk’s workshop "Special Interiors" and artist Vitalii Hrekh. The workshop paints artists, develops interior design, invents and implements ideas for decorative lime coatings, experiments and teaches at the school "Magicfakturen". Punk therapy "Pension" also lives here, various artistic and social activities take place.


The family manufactory Shuflia specializes in the manufacture of leather products. The whole process: from design, prototyping to product creation - everything takes place in an open workshop. Every visitor has the opportunity to come and see how backpacks, wallets or accessories are created, or to buy ready-made products immediately.

Project Management Office of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Investment Policy Department

Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Investment Policy Management Office It is a structural unit of the city council, which promotes the city to attract investment, as well as helps investors who already work in the city. Employees of the department work on the preparation of project applications, accompany and implement a number of projects under cross-border cooperation programs. Coordinate grant activities, provide methodological and organizational assistance in the preparation and implementation of grant projects for participation in competitions conducted by international donors and national or state funds.


23 restaurants

Office of the company "23 restaurants" 23.Restaurants is a company originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, founded in 2009. Food is our passion, and we are its researchers. Choosing suppliers, products and employees is our daily work. We have one hundred hundred values, but the main ones are three: people, nature and innovation. People are our employees and guests, and in this sequence. Nature - here it is important for us to fulfill the 12th goal of the UN Sustainable Development List. Responsible consumption and production. Reducing food waste by half, conscious consumption of food - our goal. Innovation - we work on the best software and combine incompatible things. The chain manages restaurants: Hovoryt Ivano-Frankivsk, Fabbrica, Manufactura, Delikacia, Urban Space 100, PromFood and PromBar.


Promfood is a casual bistro at Promprylad plant. A place where one always feels welcomed and comfortable was at the core of the dream; whether stopping for lunch, break or hanging out with friends and co-workers.


The factory bar is the PromBar During the day there is excellent coffee, in the evening - delicious cocktails. And a wonderful atmosphere, fresh flowers and friendly bartenders. The restaurant is open from 09am to 10pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 09am to 01am On Sundays, the bar is open from 11am until 09pm.


IT company Lota Tech

Andrii Chernikov’s IT company office This is the space where local IT developers work. These are professionals who work on the development of various technological solutions for different countries.


This is a safe and creative space where ideas turn into products with free access for everyone.

Re: recycling laboratory

Re: recycling laboratory is a space for environmentally conscious people. We create new worth from worthless garbage.


R&D center

Research laboratory for the development of batteries of the future: from calculations to the manufacture of samples. The laboratory should become the core of the most powerful association "Clean Energy Technologies" in Ukraine. Now the project involves scientists not only from different cities of Ukraine, but also from around the world: some work on site, others - remotely.

Printing Bar Print Bar

If you are looking for advertising printing (business cards / postcards / catalogs) and non-standard solutions for your projects, then you are here! We offer online digital printing, silk screen printing, complex solutions for companies and implement non-standard projects. What we do is our life, it is our passion, it is our essence!

Molfar Brewery

A new brewery with a modern vision of craft brewing. They make their products from British, American and Czech hops, Belgian yeast, and German malt.



Manufacture and center for the development and testing of clothing. Framiore is an example of an innovative business model, a sustainable brand of women’s clothing that adheres to the principles of lean manufacturing, environmental norms and standards. The brand begins comprehensive work on building an export-oriented company with the support of the USAID’s Competitive Economy of Ukraine (CEU) Program. It aims to create a permanent shop and center for the development and testing of clothing at the premises of Promprylad.Renovation. The operation of the R&D center will contribute to the optimization of technological process of production: the development of new models and designs of clothing, the testing of materials and processing techniques, the creation of technical maps for non-waste production as well as waste management.


This company aims to open the way to sustainable finances for businesses regardless of their size. They are engaged in consulting in the fields of corporate finance management and accounting.

CARTEL Holding

CARTEL Holding - back office of food and entertainment on the territory of Bukovel Tourist Complex. The holding's back office is an integral mechanism for 13 restaurants, three entertainment complexes and a network of fast food restaurants in Bukovel, Odessa and Lutsk. Comfortable open space conditions contribute to productive work, high results and a positive atmosphere in the team. And no wonder, is it possible to work differently if superheroes are watching you from the walls? Bright design solutions combined with loft style are embodied in the interior of the office. There are cozy locations for relaxation, rooms equipped for meetings and gatherings, as well as - equipped kitchen and dining room - all to make employees feel at home. That is why the company's slogan is "Happy people work at Cartel!"


Office of the Internet provider NetGroup

Netgroup is an Internet provider and a modern multiservice company with a wide range of activities in telecommunications and the latest technologies.

VIO agency

Full cycle marketing agency. We find effective solutions for small and medium businesses.