The Dutch Metabolic will create a circular strategy for Promprylad.Renovation - Promprylad. Renovation

The Dutch Metabolic will create a circular strategy for Promprylad.Renovation

The Teple Misto platform, the strategic partner of Promprylad.Renovation,* has started collaboration with the well-known Dutch company Metabolic. The purpose of their joint work is to create a circular vision (inline with the principles of circular economy) for Promprylad.Renovation.


Metabolic are experts in creating circular strategies for large-scale projects and entire cities. The company’s mission is to help to create an economic model that ensures the wellbeing of all people and allows organizations to thrive without transgressing the safe boundaries of the earth’s natural systems. Metabolic will work on a comprehensive study of the current state and mapping of material flows of Promprylad.Renovation, such as energy, water, waste within the urban ecosystem of Ivano-Frankivsk. Together with the Teple Misto platform, we will develop a vision for the application of circular economy principles in the revitalization of the plant and in the future full-scale operations of the innovation center. The project will also involve the urban laboratory Metalab, a resident of Promprylad.Renovation. As part of this initiative, they will explore the practices of a circular, carbon-neutral/ “nature-positive” economy. Urban Space Radio will host educational podcasts about what citizens can do now to make cities the engine of change and generators of solutions to today’s challenges.


It is important for Promprylad.Renovation to adhere to circular economy principles, so we stick to energy and resource efficient technologies, preserve industrial aesthetics, and thus create a new blueprint for socially responsible businesses and space for all.


*Within the framework of the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine, implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation with the financial support of Sweden.