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Business education on a smartphone: the start of a new season of Playing the Long Game project for entrepreneurs

Participants can expect short lectures from the lecturers of the Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, one of the top five business education institutions according to Forbes. The course will be held in Telegram, anyone who needs to deepen their knowledge and business skills can join it.


After each lecture, participants will take a test in the Telegram chatbot and receive rating points. The 100 participants with the best performance will attend the grand final event and have the opportunity to receive grants for studying at the UCU Business School in the amount of $30,000.


The project is implemented by Fondy, Promprylad.Renovation, and UCU Business School in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine. Promotion partners: Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, the Diia.Business national project.


The first season of Playing the Long Game took place during the pandemic, and its winner is already utilizing their prize, namely getting an MBA. The second season is launched under even more difficult conditions—during a full-scale war. Right now, Ukraine needs more entrepreneurs, because they are the foundation of the economy. The project is designed to provide professional tools for strengthening business and thus help entrepreneurs and those who are just intending to become one. You need to start playing the long game right now, so professional business education is more timely than ever, especially in a convenient mobile format and with free access.


To participate in Playing the Long Game, you need to apply:

The first meetings with the organizers and lecturers will take place during the introductory webinars from December 12 to 25. Lectures start on December 26.


The program of the second season consists of 15 lectures with the duration of 10-15 minutes each, held by the lecturers of UCU Business School. Participants will be told about the basic principles of entrepreneurship, given effective business modeling tools, and taught to present their own thoughts and points of view as well as evaluate the person’s leadership qualities. Everyone who is ready to create Ukrainian business, regardless of age, gender and place of residence, is invited to the course.


This event will be held within the framework of the Support to Entrepreneurs and Livelihoods Project, which is financed and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine in cooperation with the Promprylad Charitable Fund.