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Anton Podviaznikov, Promprylad.Renovation investor

Anton Podviaznikov, Promprylad.Renovation investor 

Software engineer
San Francisco

Life motto: No answers, only questions

I decided to invest because I’d seen all the notions that are currently interesting and important for me: crowdfunding, impact investing, urban design. I have previously read about other projects of this team in Ivano-Frankivsk, and I felt like becoming a part of Promprylad.Renovation.

Investing into the Project means for me participation in social business. 

I can wish the future investors only one thing: “Just read the description of the Project, it’s fantastic, it includes very modern models on the international level, not just in Ukraine. Join us, it is going to be interesting ;)”

I wish the Project: “Keep working, experimenting, having fun, since this Project will run for many years to come. Continue to do what you’re doing and keep inspiring us”.