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Andriy Chernikov, Promprylad.Renovation investor

Andriy Chernikov, Promprylad.Renovation investor
ІТ entrepreneur, Head of Lotatech IT company

“Present-day world is leaning towards citification. The city promotes itself as a kind of service. We need to join this race for talented people between cities. And Promprylad must become one of the magnets that attract cool people to Frankivsk,” Andriy Chernikov comments on why he works on Promprylad.Renovation and invests in the Project. 

Representatives of the public sector, city administration and business are operating the pilot floor on Promprylad.Renovation. The today’s story is about representatives of the new economy.

Everybody who has visited the pilot floor has probably noticed Andriy Chernikov’s IT company office. It attracts both kids and adults with its interactive xBox games and an abstract painting of a girl on an office wall.

“I have been told about the Project and the possibility to locate my office here. I already had some experience with Urban Space 100, so I knew that it would be a high-quality job, and there would be interesting people,” says Chernikov. “Moreover, building open-space offices is not common here. I like big open spaces. It is important for the business, because it’s possible to occupy bigger area if needed, or vice versa. There is an opportunity to rent room in order to test a startup idea, or to find a talented worker. We did so during Design Village, when we placed an advertisement on the screen in front of our office window, which said that we were looking for a UX/UI designer.” 

Besides the fact that his IT-company is one of the pilot floor operators, Andriy Chernikov was one of the first investors to the Project. He comments on this: “There is a lot of different types of investments. People are used to investing into real estate and cars. These are the dead money kind of investments. I don’t want to buy an apartment in a building where most apartments are being rented, and the neighbours are changing constantly. An investment in Promprylad is a promising one, and it will change the outlook of the people around.

My name is Andriy. I’m a man, a father and an investor in Promprylad.Renovation”